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Watch the Webb In Progress on our "Webb-cam"!

Webcam images are captured 1/min and this page refreshes at the same rate.

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On the WebbCams Today

WebbCam 1 & 2:

A crucial piece of flight hardware, the telescope sucture (essentially the bones of the telescope), arrived at NASA Goddard on August 25, 2015 from Northrop Grumman. The telescope structure is the large black latticed object. Over the next year or so, it will have the flight mirrors and instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope mounted to it, here in our cleanroom at NASA Goddard. It is attached to a rotating stand and eventually you will see it nestled in the yellow and white assembly stand. On the right side of the top of the assembly stand is a robot arm that will be used to mount the mirrors onto the telescope structure. View images of the telescope structure.

Also visible until sometime in October when it will move to another facility for testing, is a smaller black latticed structure, with silver and gold shapes inside it. This is our flight instrument module. The gold and silver objects are the flight instruments.

About the Spacecraft Components

To learn more about the various components of the Webb Telescope, see the Observatory page as well as our interactive 3d spacecraft model (new window) (requires flash).

Webb-cam Time-Lapse Movies

Be sure to check out our selection of time-lapse movies that compress hours and even days of Webb-cam footage into a few minutes.

General Information:

You are looking at the largest clean room of its class in the world; it is located at NASA Goddard.These WebbCam views take you live into the NASA clean room where the Webb Telescope is being integrated and tested. Explore NASA Goddard's Cleanroom (new window).

Those who work in the cleanroom must dress in the outfits you see them in on the webcam (known unofficially as "bunny suits"). This is to ensure that any particles or contaminants on their persons are contained, in order to keep the room as clean as possible. The process of getting suited up is not trivial and the cleanroom workers often spend very long hours in the cleanroom without an easy way to leave for breaks. We on the project are very appreciative of the hard work they put into building and testing the hardware in such a challenging work environment.

Webbcam Usage:

The image is updated once per minute. The webcam pages and widgets update at the same rate to keep the latest image on screen. You can view the webcam on our Home page or on our webcam page at various sizes Small | Medium | Max (1920px) . Note: users on slower connections may wish to chose smaller sizes for faster downloads.

Cam 1

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Cam 2

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(There is always the possibility that the webcam may not function properly. Please bear with us if that is the case.)