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Watch the Webb In Progress on our "Webb-cam"!

We now have two webcams in the Building 29 cleanroom at Goddard, one showing the left side and one showing the right. The camera images below are updated every minute. The cleanroom is generally occupied from 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern, Monday - Friday. There may not be much activity outside of these hours. The image is updated once per minute.

On the WebbCams Today

WebbCam 1:

You will see the Pathfinder (or test) backplane for the James Webb Space Telescope. This black latticed structure is the "spine" of the telescope and will support the mirrors as well as the instrument module. It has three long booms which extend outwards to hold the telescope's round secondary mirror. Two spare hexagonal primary mirror segments, as well as a spare secondary, are being installed onto the pathfinder via a robot arm. Afterwards, the whole structure will go to NASA Johnson for cryogenic testing.

WebbCam 2:

Here you will see our flight instrument module. It has successfully finished its first long cryovac test and now the instruments are being temporarily removed to update their detectors, as well as the microshutters on the NIRSpec instrument.

General Information:

You are looking at the largest clean room of its class in the world; it is located at NASA Goddard. These WebbCam views take you live into the NASA clean room where JWST is being integrated and tested.

Webbcam Usage:

The image is updated once per minute. You can view the webcam on our Home page or at a slightly larger size on our WebbCam page.

web cam screenshot

web cam screenshot

(There is always the possibility that the webcam may not function properly. Please bear with us if that is the case.)