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The Spacecraft Bus & Solar Arrays

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Download the .pdfs: Spacecraft Bus model, Solar Array model

Background Information:

question mark Learn more about the spacecraft bus.


1. Cut out the the Spacecraft Bus piece, and fold inward along white dotted lines to form a box shape.

spacecraft bus

2. Fold the bus so that it forms a box. To do this, fold Tab 1 inward for gluing to inside of Box 1. Fold over Tab 2 and the top of the bus. Glue Tab 2 to the inside of Box 4. Fold Tabs 3 - 6 outward from box for gluing to the bottom of the Sunshield.

3. Cut out four solar arrays pieces:

solar array

4. Glue arrays A and B back to back to create a double sided array . Do the same for C and D.

5. Cut white slits in side of the spacecraft bus in boxes 2 and 3 for insertion of
solar array tabs and insert the white tabs of the solar arrays into the slits.


6. Glue or tape tabs to inside of the bus to hold arrays in place.

7. With tabs 3-6 on the spacecraft bus folded outward, line the bus with the box on the bottom of Sunshield #5, and glue into place.


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