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The Mirrors

pdf icon Download the .pdfs: Mirror, Backplane Structure Front, Backplane Structure Back

Background Information:

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The top image is the primary mirror - the lower one is the extra mirror that you can print out more of if you would like to layer them together to create a 3-D effect for the mirror. Whether you print out several or just use the one, be sure the primary mirror is on top. You will need it to line up the Aft Optics System cone.

1. Print out the number of mirrors you would likefrom the Model Parts .pdf, and cut them out.



2. Next, cut out the Primary Mirror Backplane Structure Front piece. Be sure to cut around the tabs, leaving them in place.

3. Carefully cut the white dotted lines, and remove the marked triangle and box shaped pieces.

4. Score along the inside black outline and grey interior shading. Fold along the scores inward, so the edges are perpendicular. Fold the tabs also inward. They will be glued to the Rear Shield.

5. Glue the mirrors you cut in step 1 to the Backplane structure, lining them up with the mirror outine.


5. Cut out the Back of Shield along black outline.

6. Line up the edges of this piece with the edges of the Front Shield (with tabs folded inward). Glue the pieces together by the tabs.

7. You should end up with a three dimensional effect!

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