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Make Your Own Paper Model of the JWST Satellite

Want to learn more about the JWST satellite? With this paper model, developed by Swales, you can build your own James Webb Space Telescope, learning the function and purpose of each part of the satellite. (Note: The model is approximately 1/80th scale.) Please also note that the design of the spacecraft has changed slightly since this was designed. There is a momentum flap on the back and the solar panel array has changed. You can see the most up-to-date images of Webb here.

paper model paper model

The files you will need for building the model:

pdf icon The Model Parts (.pdf)
[print on heavier stock paper]
pdf icon The Model Instructions (.pdf)
[print on regular paper]

If you've constructed our model, please send us a photo of yourself with it and we'll post it! We'll need your written permission, so if you'd like your photo to appear, please fill out this release form and email it to us with your picture.

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Menu of Model Instructions

Our own tested HTML directions are also available below.

  1. The Sunshield
  2. The Sunshield Spreader Bars
  3. The Spacecraft Bus & Solar Arrays
  4. Sunshield Support Beams
  5. Center Support Boom
  6. ISIM
  7. Mirrors
  8. Aft Optics Assembly
  9. Secondary Mirror Assembly
  10. Attaching the Mirrors

Model designer : Nina Heimpel, Swales Aerospace