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Official site of the design, build, test and launch of JWST.


Many organizations play a role in the JWST design, construction and in the future collection and distribution of JWST science data.

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GSFC Project Office

The Project Office at the Goddard Space Flight Center manages the overall James Webb Space Telescope effort.

Project Managers

Project Manager - Bill Ochs
Deputy Project Manager - John Durning
Deputy Project Manager/Technical - Paul Geithner
Mission I&T Manager - Jimmy Marsh
Deputy Project Manager/Resources - Richard Ryan
Business Manager - Robyn O'Mara
Mission Systems Engineer - Mike Menzel

Project Scientists

Senior Project Scientist - John Mather
Deputy Senior Project Scientist - Jonathan Gardner
Deputy Senior Project Scientist/Technical - Malcolm Niedner
Observatory Project Scientist - Michael McElwain
Deputy Observatory Project Scientist - Charles Bowers
Deputy Observatory Project Scientist - Erin Smith
ISIM Project Scientist - Matthew Greenhouse
Deputy ISIM Project Scientist - Bernard Rauscher
Operations Project Scientist - Jane Rigby
Project Scientist for Integration, Test, & Commissioning - Randy Kimble
Deputy Project Scientist for Communications - Amber Straughn
Deputy Project Scientist for Planetary Science - Stefanie Milam