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Infrared: Beyond the Visible

The answers to some of the universe's greatest cosmic mysteries are written across the night sky, inscribed in light we can't see with our human eyes - but it won't be invisible to us forever. "Infrared: Beyond the Visible" explores the wonder of infrared astronomy and the promise of the upcoming Webb Space Telescope. Get a sense of the sights Webb will capture, with its Hubble-sharp vision and ability to reach into the farthest depths of space and time. Infant galaxies! Just-forming planets! Cosmic Space Storks! (Editor's Note: Please note that Cosmic Space Storks are probably metaphorical.) Squirrels! (Editor's Note: Squirrels, while real, are still unlikely to be observed by the Webb Space Telescope.) Join us on our journey of discovery, and when you're done, check out the links below for more on the infrared universe.

Download the comic book version (new window - 32MB pdf) of our animated Infrared Beyond the Visible video or, visit our sister site, (new window) which has an excellant educational page on infrared astronomy.

Read the NASA feature about this video.