What does Webb have in common with a backyard telescope?


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Scope It Out! Game

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Game Description

The Webb Telescope may be unusual in appearance - but it has a lot in common with simple tube-shaped telescopes. Play the "Scope It Out!" game to find out more!

Scope It Out! includes an introduction to telescopes and two matching games. Be sure to pay attention as you go - the information contained in each level will help you solve the puzzles in the next round. This game is best suited for teens and interested adults.


HTML5 version coming soon! (as of 3/20)

This game requires FLASH 8 or higher. The game will open in a separate window or tab. Please allow it to open. The game is in two sizes - 1024x768 and 800x600. Please choose the smaller version if you have a smaller monitor. Also, we have provided a small toggle button in the lower left corner of the game (marked with an H) to allow you to change the quality of the graphics. If you have a slower computer, this may be helpful.


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Transcript of the game

Transcript: [Text] [PDF]

Run this game on YOUR Kiosk

Want to run "Scope It Out!" on a kiosk at your exhibit, museum, observatory, or university? Simply download these files, and then open the html file in a browser. The game will reset to the main screen if the game is left unattended, and is sized 1024x786, though that can be altered.

Game Art Wallpaper

Download a wallpaper of the game art for your home computer! [1024x768] [1200x900] [1600x1200]

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Information for Educators

Scope It Out! was approved by the NASA Education product review in 2010. There are a few worksheets to go with the game: