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Game Description

Choose what science your satellite will be used to study, and then decide what wavelengths, instruments, and optics will help you learn the most about the science you've chosen. After you launch your satellite, you'll see what it looks like, and learn what real mission has data similar to the one you created. You'll discover a large range of astronomical missions, dating from the 1980s to today.


This HTML 5 game will open in a separate window or tab. Please allow it to open. It requires a minimum screen size of 1024x768.

Playing Hints:

As you make your choices, consider what science topics and wavelengths may be complementary. The number of options you will be allowed to be choose will be limited so you'll have to try to make the best decisions you can based on the parameters of the level you are playing. Sometimes there will be options that are grayed out and unavailable to choose. This because they may not be scientifically or technologically viable choices.

You can change what you have chosen at any time up to launch by using the back and forward buttons, and clicking on an icon will either select or deselect it. Be careful with your choices - if you try to combine too many uncomplimentary things, your satellite might end up a mess! You might want to start with a smaller mission on Level 1 and work your way up to the larger missions of Level 3. Good luck!


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Transcripts of the Game Content (PDF)

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Level 1 Science Results
Level 2 Science Results
Level 3 Science Results

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Information for Educators

Build It Yourself: Satellite! was approved by the NASA Education product review in 2013.