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Image JWEBB Snowflake on Christmas Tree
Make Your Own Webb-themed Paper Snowflake
Use this template to create your own James Webb Space Telescope mirror paper snowflake. Simply print the page out, and follow the directions for folding and cutting..
Image of hexagonal golden sunglasses
SpaceyTales Postcard
Download, print and send this postcard from Webb.
Live and Online Events Celebrating Webb Telescope
#UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge
Show us what you believe the Webb telescope will reveal by creating art. You can draw, paint, sing, write, dance — the universe is the limit! Share it with the hashtag #UnfoldTheUniverse!
Live and Online Events Celebrating Webb Telescope
Celebrate Webb
Celebrate the Webb Space Telescope at these events running through October 17th, 2021. Events vary from online to in-person or both. Many many more to be added in the soon!
Carve your own James Webb Space Telescope-themed pumpkin
Carve Your Own Webb-Themed Pumpkin
Want to carve your own James Webb Space Telescope-themed pumpkin? Here are three different patterns you can use. Simply print one (or all of them!) out, and follow the directions, which can be found on each pattern page.
Seeing Starlight with Webb poster pdf
Seeing Starlight with Webb
The birth, growth, and death of stars is illustrated in this Star Life Cycle Journeys poster (PDF). The poster helps you picture the two looping life cycles while you do related fun activities.
webb wallpaper example
Webb Themed Backgrounds
Webb themed downloadable virtual backgrounds for desktop teleconferencing apps like Zoom/Teams and mobile phones in portrait orientation.
coloring Webb Activities
Coloring Webb
Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or paints and download these Webb coloring templates to create your own colorful version of the James Webb Space Telescope!
Webb and Origami
Webb and Origami
Fold this origami pattern to make your own artistic version of the James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror!
Webb Deployment Flip Book
Webb Deployment Flip Book
Make your own Webb Deployment Flipbook. Piece the images together, flip them quickly, and watch Webb blossom!
jwst key facts
#jwstArt Webb ART & SCIENCE
Twenty two artists were selected nationwide to attend the James Webb Space Telescope Artist Event at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. This gallery shows their impressions of the Webb Telescope and it's mission.
jwst key facts
Webb Key Facts International
Key facts about the Webb Mission are translated into over 40 languages including: American Sign Language, albanian, arabic, bengali, bulgarian, catalan, chinese, Traditional, chinese, Simplified, croatian, czech, danish, dothraki, dutch, english, estonian, finnish, french, german, gujarati, hebrew, hindi, hungarian, icelandic, indonesian, irish, italian, japanese, klingon, korean, latvian, lithuanian, norwegian, polish, portuguese, romanian, russian, slovak, tamil, spanish, swedish, turkish, and more to come!
Dr John Mather
Webb & the Big Bang with Dr John Mather
Dr. John Mather, Nobel Laureate and James Webb Space Telescope Senior Project Scientist, answers some commonly asked questions about the Big Bang, and about Webb's role in understanding the early history of the universe.
john mather 360
John Mather 360° Lab View
Check out this 360° view of John Mather in NASA's clean rooms and labs used for Webb. This is a great way to explore the development environment of Webb with our Nobel Laureate Senior Project Scientist. There are a number of associated other 360 views and embedded video views accessible within the 360° space so be sure to pan around and click through on the easter eggs! Credit: Lindau-Noble.org
jwst virtual reality
Webb Virtual Reality
Join the James Webb Space Telescope in orbit beyond the Moon and explore the universe from its perspective. Planetary systems are born, galaxies form, and stars emerge from within colorful nebulas—all before your eyes. Free on Steam. Notice: NOTE: Requires one of the following virtual reality headsets: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
SVS landing image
Webb @ Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS)
A rich archive of videos of the building of Webb and scientific visualizations for the Webb mission.
beyond the visible video
Infrared: Beyond the Visible
Get a sense of the sights Webb will capture, with its Hubble-sharp vision and ability to reach into the farthest depths of space and time.
Behind the Webb
"Behind the Webb" Video Podcast Series
Join our host, Mary Estacion, of the Space Telescope Science Institute, as she takes you behind the scenes to watch the construction and testing, and hear from the people who make it work.
Journey of the Mirrors Interactive Map
Journey of the Mirrors Interactive Map
The James Webb Space Telescope's 18 special lightweight beryllium mirrors have to make 14 stops to 11 different places around the U.S. to complete their manufacturing. This graphic shows the different places they have to travel, and what is accomplished at each location.

Games, Educational & More

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Build It Yourself: Satellite
Build It Yourself: Satellite
You get to be the scientist in the "Build It Yourself: Satellite!" game! Choose what science your satellite will be used to study, and then decide what wavelengths, instruments, and optics will help you learn the most about the science you've chosen.
scope it out game
Scope It Out! A telescope game
Scope It Out! includes an introduction to telescopes and two matching games. This game is best suited for teens and interested adults.
Paper Model
Make your own model of Webb!
Build a paper model of the Webb Telescope or design your own and show us your work!
nasa visualization app
NASA Visualization Explorer App
NASA Visualization Explorer is the coolest way to get stories about advanced space-based research delivered right to your iPad. A direct connection to NASA's extraordinary fleet of research spacecraft, this app presents cutting edge research stories in an engaging and exciting format.
Webb & Hubble ebooks
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has been providing amazing images of the universe since April 1990 and has led to remarkable discoveries. NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is the next-generation telescope that will peer even deeper into space and unveil even more mysteries. Both of these extraordinary telescopes are now the topics of two free e-Books available from the Apple iBookstore.
Fun Pad
Fun Pad (ages 5-10)(pdf)
This Fun Pad is designed for ages 5 - 10 years old and is divided into sections.
- The front section contains general information about Webb Telescope
- The middle section contains activities for younger children
- The back section contains more challenging activities.
Folding Puzzler(.pdf)
A Webb Telescope folding puzzler containing a number of key facts about the mission.
LEGO Webb instructions
Build you own Webb Telescope with Legos.
Print materials
Print Materials (posters,flyers, etc)
A variety of print materials on Webb including posters, lithographs, pamphlets, flyers, and stickers.

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