• NSClean: An Algorithm for Removing Correlated Read Noise from JWST NIRSpec Images

    ABSTRACT: NSClean is an algorithm and associated python package for removing faint vertical banding and “picture frame noise” from JWST Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) images. NSClean uses known dark areas to fit a background model to each exposure in Fourier space. When the model is subtracted, it removes nearly all correlated noise. Compared to simpler strategies like subtracting the rolling median, NSClean is more thorough and uniform. NSClean is computationally undemanding, requiring only a few seconds to clean an image on a typical laptop.

    Download PDF (.8mb)
    Download Code NSClean rev1.9 .gz (Current Release 6mb)
    Download Code NSClean rev1.5 .gz (2mb)

  • Integrated Science Instrument Module NIRCam0077 - Redacted Radiation Testing of a NIRCam 5-micron Cutoff Sensor Chip Assembly
    Download PDF (3mb)

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  • (Updated 11/6/15 to Rev. 2.6) Teledyne H1RG, H2RG, and H4RG Noise Generator, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, by B.J. Rauscher, July 2015 Download .tar.gz software file
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