• Integrated Science Instrument Module NIRCam0077 - Redacted Radiation Testing of a NIRCam 5-micron Cutoff Sensor Chip Assembly
    Download PDF (3mb)

  • Improved Reference Sampling and Subtraction: A Technique for Reducing the Read Noise of Near-infrared Detector Systems, Journal Article, by B.J. Rauscher et al., April 2017
  • (Updated 11/6/15 to Rev. 2.6) Teledyne H1RG, H2RG, and H4RG Noise Generator, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, by B.J. Rauscher, July 2015 Download .tar.gz software file
  • Status of the James Webb Space Telescope Integrated Science Instrument Module System, July 2011 (3.7 MB pdf)
  • "NASA's Detailed Response to the James Webb Space Telescope Independent Comprehensive Review Panel Report", June 2011 (194 KB pdf)
  • Detector Degradation Failure Review Board, April 2011 (784 KB .pdf)
  • James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Test Assessment Team (TAT) FINAL REPORT, August 2010 (1.5 MB pdf)
  • "Finding the First Galaxies", Sky & Telescope, by J. Gardner, January 2010 (4.5 Mb pdf)
  • "Measurement of large cryogenic structures using a spatially phase-shifted digital speckle pattern interferometer", Applied Optics, by B. Saif, et al, February 2008 (View Abstract)
  • "The Dark Ages of the Universe", Scientific American, by A. Loeb, November 2006 (400 KB pdf)
  • The James Webb Space Telescope, Space Science Reviews, by J. Gardner et al, May 15, 2006 (external link)
  • "Viewpoint", Aviation Week & Space Technology, by B. Margon, March 27, 2006 (173 KB pdf)