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Webb's Build History and More:

We have an extensive Flickr site archiving the Webb project's design, development, launch, commissioning and related outreach activities. Below is a curated sample of some key albums and collections. If you don't see what you are looking for visit our COMPLETE FLICKR ALBUM LISTING PAGE to see all the latest albums and collections .

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Most Recent Images
Most Recent Images
A collection of albums of the most recent images from the mission.
Mirror Alignment
Mirror Alignment
Aligning Webb's mirrors in preparation for science.
Webb's Launch
Webb's Launch
Webb being transported to and launched from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana.
The Story of WEBB
The Story of Webb
Highlights that tell the story of Webb's build from start to finish, in chronological order. Plus some bonus popular/interesting images.
Webb from start to launch to deployments
Webb from Start to Deployment
A collection of in-depth albums showing Webb from start to launch to deployments.
Observatory Components
Observatory Components
A collection of albums showing the mirrors, instruments, sunshield, spacecraft & more
A collection of albums showing tests and testing equipment
	A collection of images of the facilities used for Webb.
Facilities & Equipment
A collection of albums showing the facilities & equipment used for Webb.
Artist Illustrations
Artist illustrations of the James Webb Space Telescope spacecraft.
#UnfoldTheUniverse Art Submissions.
#UnfoldTheUniverse Art Submissions
If you create art inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope might discover, share a photo or video of you and your art with us! More information:
Webb Models.
Webb Models
Models of Webb built from our Activities/Build a Model of Webb page and many people inventing their own.
Outreach Highlights
Outreach Highlights
A collection of art, crafts, photography highlights & more
A collection of images from some of the events and visits in which we've participated.
Outreach Events
A collection of albums of outreach events for visits in which we have participated.
Travels of the Full Scale Model.
Full-scale model
Travels of the Full Scale Model

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