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14 December 2007: The latest issue of the new JWST newsletter is now available! View Newsletter.

07 December 2007: James Webb Space Telescope Testing to Find Infrared Light for Christmas. Read the article.

3 December 2007: James Webb Space Telescope Marks Successful Completion of Optical Telescope Element Design Review Read the news release.

20 November 2007: JWST Scientist, Heidi Hammel, featured in Newsweek! Read the interview.

19 November 2007: JWST's NIRSpec featured featured on the European Space Agency website. Read the article.

15 November 2007: Customized Telemetry System for the James Webb Space Telescope Successful. Read the news release.

07 November 2007: JWST featured on Space.Com Read the article.

07 November 2007: JWST featured in the Boston Globe. Read the article.

25 October 2007: JWST gets "spacewired". Read the news release.

27 September 2007: JWST featured in The Arizona Star Read the article.

26 September 2007: The History Channel's show Modern Marvels will feature an episode on the technology associated with cryo-engineering. The episode titled "The Deep Freeze" will feature a short segment on JWST and its Sunshield. View this link for more episode details and air times.

24 September 2007: JWST featured in Vacuum Technology and Coating Magazine. View the online magazine issue - the JWST article is from pages 50-57.

11 September 2007: Goddard Tech Transfer News interviews engineer Glenn Rakow. Read the article.

28 August 2007: Software coordinates 19 mirrors, focuses JWST. Read the news release.

21 August 2007: NASA highlights JWST at SPIE Meeting. Read the article.

10 August 2007: JWST is featured in the August 2007 Photonics Spectra Magazine. Read the article.

9 August 2007: JWST is featured in the July 2007 Wired Magazine. Read the article.

8 August 2007: Listen to a podcast interview with Dr. John Mather, Senior Project Scientist for JWST. Also featured in the podcast are interviews with other JWST project personnel at the Hawaii AAS meeting in June 2007. Check out the podcast

26 June 2007: JWST Full-Scale Model Visits Dublin, Ireland. Read NASA Feature.

26 June 2007: NASA and ESA Sign Agreements for Future Cooperation on JWST and LISA missions. Read NASA Feature and press release.

26 June 2007: Extra-Solar Planet Exhibition Unveiled at Goddard Visitor Center. Worlds Beyond was organized by the National Space Society in partnership with the James Webb Space Telescope's education effort at Goddard. Read NASA Feature and read Gazette.net article. Read Washington Post article.

14 June 2007: Construction Begins on the JWST's Guidance Sensor and Imager. View Press Release.

3 May 2007: Ten inventions created for James Webb Space Telescope approved. View Press Release.

30 April 2007: The latest issue of the new JWST newsletter is now available! View Newsletter.

23 April 2007: JWST is featured in episode 1 of Goddard's Astrophysics Science Division podcast "Blueshift", with interview with Matt Greenhouse and Weber Award winner Harvey Moseley. Listen to the podcast!

23 April 2007: JWST is featured in Imagine the Universe's Satellite Showcase feature! Read the article.

5 April 2007: The full-scale JWST model will be on the National Mall in DC from May 10 - 13, 2007. It will be located in front of the Museum of Natural History. For a map of the mall, see this flyer.

12 March 2007: Principal Investigator for the JWST Microshutter Subsystem is awarded the 2007 Joseph Weber Award for Astronomical Instrumentation: Read press release.

6 March 2007: JWST in the Baltimore Sun: Read article.

6 March 2007: JWST model constructed out of 3,234 cans as part of an outreach project. : Read article.

8 February 2007: NASA's Largest Space Telescope Mirror Will See Deeper Into Space: Press release.

5 February 2007: JWST and John Mather are featured in the Washington Post: Read article.

30 January 2007: JWST's backplane, the "spine" of the telescope, passes testing! View press release.

30 January 2007: The full-scale JWST model was at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle recently. Space Daily article. View hi-res image of model.

26 January 2007: Learn more about JWST's microshutter technology in this latest press release.

09 January 2007: Build your own paper model of JWST!

09 January 2007: MSNBC interviews John Mather about JWST... Read the Interview!