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Webb has over 1200 skilled scientists, engineers and technicians from 14 countries (and more than 27 US states) building it. (It is a joint NASA/ESA/CSA mission.) Assembly and testing of the mirror and instruments is occurring at NASA Goddard;


Webb's Instruments

The science instruments are the heart of the James Webb Space Telescope. The four science instruments are contained within the Integrated Science Instrument Module or ISIM. Webb's instruments will detect light from distant stars and galaxies, and planets orbiting other stars.

The ISIM structure (pictured below) is like a chassis in a car providing support for the engine and other components.

Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) Structure

The ISIM includes the following instruments:

Instruments integrated in ISIM Structure

Webb Team Photo with completed Flight Instrument module:

Webb Team Photo with Completed Flight Instrument module

Many different smaller parts go into the whole ISIM structure. These include the ISIM Structure Subsystem; ISIM Thermal Control Subsystem; ISIM Control and Data Handling Subsystem; ISIM Flight Software; and ISIM Harness Assemblies.

ISIM Components within the Observatory

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