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Recent Accomplishments

Updated November 26, 2018

Webb Spacecraft

Zoom in to see the Webb's subsystems (image credit: STSci) or launch the Webb 3d Model for more detail.

The following tables contain a record of program and project accomplishments. The date column colors indicate the following:

The list will be updated approximately every month.

The image to the right points out various major hardware components of the observatory referred to in the tables to orient the reader (click '+' to expand). You can also explore the spacecraft in more detail with the Webb Interactive 3d Model (requires Flash plugin).

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
November 2018 Complete Spacecraft Element Acoustic Test Completed 10/28/18
Deliver Observatory Science and Operations software build Completed 10/19/18
October 2018 Conduct Wavefront Sensing rehersal #2 at the Missions Operations Center (MOC) Completed 10/6/18
Stow the sunshield into launch position following repairs of the membrane covers Completed 9/28/18
Spacecraft Element (SCE) ready for resumption of environmental testing following MCA repairs Completed 10/19/18
September 2018 Complete integration of the Telescope onto the Spacecraft Element Replanned to 09/2019
August 2018 Complete Telescope delivery to Northrop Grumman Replanned to 08/2019
Conduct Integrated Team Exercise #1 Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
Cycle 1 General Observers proposal selection Replanned to 07/2019
Deliver Spacecraft Element to Observatory Integration and Test Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
July 2018 Complete Ground Segment test #2 Completed 7/25/18
Retension sunshield after thermal vacuum testing of the Spacecraft Element Replanned to 06/2019
Conduct Spacecraft Element Compliance Review, part 1 Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
Complete Johnson Space Center (JSC) Chamber A decommissioning Completed 6/14/18
June 2018 Launch Readiness Exercise #1 Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
Deliver final version of the spacecraft handbook to NASA Completed 5/9/18
May 2018 Begin Spacecraft Element thermal vacuum test Replanned to 04/2019
Deliver analysis of launch effects on JWST Observatory Replanned to 03/2019
April 2018 Deliver results from Spacecraft Element acoustic and vibration tests Replanned to 02/2019
Complete post shipment functional testing of the Telescope Replanned to 01/2019
March 2018 Complete Spacecraft Element vibration test Replanned to 11/2018
Spacecraft thrusters modules ready for installation Completed 2/19/18
Ship telescope from NASA/JSC to Northrop-Grumman Completed 2/2/18
February 2018 Complete Spacecraft Element (combined spacecraft and sunshield) Acoustic Test Started 3/25/2018
Conduct Observatory Deployment Review #3 Completed 1/31/18
January 2018 Complete Wavefront Sensing & Control commissioning exercise Completed 3/10/2018
Install spacecraft horizontal radiator panels Completed 1/3/18

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2017 Conduct Operational Readiness Exercise Completed 12/07/17
Backup Mission Operation Center ready for use Completed 11/17/17
Issue Cycle 1 General Observer call for proposals Completed 11/30/17
November 2017 Complete Telescope cryovacuum test Completed 10/20/17
Tension the Flight Membranes while on the Spacecraft Completed 10/25/17
October 2017 Pre-Environmental testing Sunshield Deployment Completed 10/23/17
Deliver Launch Rehersal Plan to NASA Completed 10/02/17
Hold Consent to Warm Up Telescope following cryovacuum testing meeting Completed 10/21/17
Science & Operations Center software package Release 2 Completed 10/02/17
September 2017 Complete OTIS thermal vacuum test Completed 10/21/17
August 2017 Tension sunshield membranes while they are mounted on the spacecraft Delayed to February for delays in spacecraft and sunshield I&T
Deliver final report describing spacecraft influence on observatory optical alignment Completed 10/12/17.
July 2017 Deliver vibration test results to support the combined analysis of the rocket and the observatory Delayed to December for delays in spacecraft and sunshield I&T
Conduct second Flight Operations Team Operational Readiness Exercise Completed 6/29/17
June 2017 Start OTIS Cryo-vacuum test at JSC Chamber A Completed 7/13/17
Deliver Operations Scripts Subsystem software build that supports launch Completed 3/30/17
Issue final release of call for proposals for Early Release Science Program Completed 5/19/17
Begin Spacecraft Element Thermal Vacuum test Delayed to December for delays in spacecraft and sunshield I&T
May 2017 Complete room temperature integration of OTIS and test equipment at JSC Delayed to June due to OTIS vibration investigation (Completed 7/13/17)
Conduct the Mission Operations Review Completed 4/7/17
Perform Spacecraft Acoustic Testing Delayed to August for several factors (Delayed to October for delays in spacecraft and sunshield I&T)
April 2017 Conduct first test of the Ground System (communications and data handling) Delayed to July due to propellant system re-welding (Completed 6/20/17)
Install the deployable horizontal radiators onto the Observatory Delayed to July due to propellant system re-welding (Delayed to September for delays arising after sunshield installation.)
Conduct the Observatory Deployment Review #2 Delayed to May, mid-boom 1 deployer issue (Completed 6/13/17)
March 2017 Deliver OTIS to the Johnson Space Center Completed May 7, 2017
Deliver the pre-launch Flight Operations System software build Completed 2/17/17
Delivery of sunshield extension boom #2 membrane attachment assembly to Observatory I&T Delayed to April due to shift of resources to deliver pallet structures (Completed 4/24/17)
February 2017 Complete OTIS optical measurements after vibration and acoustics tests Delayed to March for vibration investigation (Completed 3/31/17)
Deliver wavefront and control software that supports launch (controls telescope mirror shape) Completed 1/20/17
Deliver horizontal deployable radiators to Observatory I&T Delayed to April for rework (Completed 7/13/17)
January 2017 Complete OTIS vibration and acoustics testing Completed 3/2/2017
Deliver observing proposal and planning subsystem software build that supports launch Completed 1/12/17
Complete electrical testing of spacecraft at Northrop Grumman. Delayed to March for propellant system re-welding (Completed 3/7/17)

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2016 Deliver Forward Sunshield Pallet Structure to Observatory Integration and Test (I&T) Delayed to February for work on tensioning system (Completed 3/28/17)
Start OTIS vibration and acoustic testing program Completed 11/19/16
Complete final test of engineering model of telescope center section at Johnson Space Center (JSC) Completed 10/31/16
Deliver sunshield flight membranes to Observatory I&T Completed 12/15/16
November 2016 Start optical measurements of OTIS prior to vibration and acoustic tests Completed 10/24/16
Deliver Science and Operations Center release 1 Completed 9/30/16
Perform Cryocooler installation into the spacecraft bus and begin functional testing Completed 10/29/16
Complete Aft Unitized Pallet Structure assembly Completed 10/29/16
Deliver Aft Unitized Pallet Structure to Observatory I&T Delayed to January for work on tensioning system (Completed 3/14/17)
October 2016 Complete portable cleanroom for Telescope and Science Instruments (OTIS) Completed 10/13/16
Complete final checkout of new shaker tables at Goddard Space Flight Center Completed 10/13/16
Begin making electrical connetcions between spacecraft panels Completed 10/7/16
Complete Sunshield Mid-Boom Assembly #2 functional test Delayed to November, accelerometer anomaly during test (Completed 12/5/16)
September 2016 Complete Thermal Pathfinder test at JSC Delayed to November
Deliver Forward Sunshield Pallet Structure to Observatory I&T Delayed to December because of membrane tensioning system component rebuild
Deliver After Sunshield Pallet Structure to Observatory I&T Delayed to November because of membrane tensioning system component rebuild
Complete command procedures for initial test of real-time control of Observatory Completed 9/28/16
August 2016 Deliver cryocooler and associated electronics to Spacecraft I&T Completed 5/26/16
Complete test of model Observatory core assembly thermal performance Completed 6/30/16
Deliver flight Observatory core assembly to Observatory I&T Completed 8/2/16
Deliver Operations Scripts Subsystem build for Telescope commanding and Spacecraft attitude control Completed 6/13/16
July 2016 Deliver Spacecraft Structure/Propulsion subsystem to observatory I&T Completed 6/28/16
Deliver Data Management Subsystem build for advanced data search and distribution Completed 6/1/16
June 2016 Start Thermal Pathfinder test at JSC Chamber A Delayed to September because of change to how Chamber A cool down specifics will be handled
Deliver Fixed ISIM Radiator Panels to OTIS Completed 11/30/15
Complete flight software verification Test Readiness Review (moving targets) Completed 6/30/16
Complete Science and Operations Center System Design Review #2 Completed 5/18/16
May 2016 Deliver Optical Telescope Element (OTE) to OTIS Completed 3/9/16
Begin OTIS integration (install ISIM onto OTE) Completed 3/28/16
Complete Flight Battery Manufacturing Readiness Review Completed 1/12/16
Deliver Flight Operations Subsystem build with real-time command and telemetry functions Completed 3/28/16
Deliver Proposal Planning Subsystem build supporting GTO call for proposals Completed 4/29/16
April 2016 Deliver ISIM to OTIS Completed 3/31/16
Complete Sunshield Aft Pallet Structure assembly Delayed until July
Complete Spacecraft Panel Integration Completed 5/25/16
March 2016 Start Spacecraft Panel Integration Completed 10/26/15
Complete Sunshield Mid-Boom Assembly #2 functional test Forecasting July completion data due to latch and detent pin redesign and tubessegment rebuild
Complete cryocooler thermal performance acceptance testing Completed 3/5/16
February 2016 Deliver Aft Deployable Instrument Radiator to Observatory I&T Completed 2/15/16
Deliver Command & Telemetry computer to Observatory I&T Delayed til April to re-run testing
Deliver Secondary Miror Support Structure verification report to GSFC Completed 1/28/16
Complete deliveries of Spacecraft wire harnesses Completed 1/22/16
Deliver spare Cryocooler Compressor Assembly to JPL Delayed til May 2016, no schedule impact
January 2016 Deliver flight Aft Optics System to Telescope I&T Completed December 14, 2015
Complete final checkout of new GSFC vibration shaker table Delayed to March, vertical shaker issues
Sunshield Flight Layer #4 shipped to Northrop Grumman Completed December 3, 2015
Sunshield Forward Cover Assembly shipped to Northrop Grumman Delayed til June. Nexolve revised schedule to implement NGAS design changes. No anticipated schedule impact.
Complete Flight Operations Subsystem System Design Review #2 Completed December 17, 2015
Complete Mission Operations Center construction at STScI Completed December 29, 2015
Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2015 Complete second test of Pathfinder Telescope equipment at the JSC Chamber A Completed October 31, 2015
Complete Solar Array panel #2 cell installation Completed December 24, 2015
Complete Sunshield Mid-Boom Assembly #1 functional test Delayed to April for reassembly of mid-boom #1
Complete Delivery of Reaction Wheel Assemblies to Observatory Integration & Test (I&T) Two of 3 wheels delivered in December, 1 in May, being rebuilt, no schedule impact
Deliver Data Management Subsystem build for basic data search and distribution functionality Completed November 30, 2015
November 2015 Deliver update for launch and activation sequence of events for JWST commissioning Completed October 29, 2015
Deliver the Observaory Operations Handbook Vol 1&2 updates Completed October 30, 2015
Deliver new build of the proposal planning software for Telescope plus ISIM (OTIS) testing Completed October 30, 2015
October 2015 Start Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) cryovacuum test #3 Completed October 27, 2015
September 2015 Deliver Communications Antenna Bi-Axial Gimbal Assembly to Observatory Integration and Testing Completed August 24, 2015
August 2015 Deliver Spacecraft Side Equipment Panels to Observatory integration and testing Completed 1st panel August 31, 2015, 2nd panel September 3, 2015
Deliver Reaction Wheel Assemblies to Observator integration & testing Forecasting December completion, no schedule impact
Start ISIM Cryo-vacuum Test #3 Delayed to October because of NIRCam SCA and heat strap repair
Start Optical Ground Support Equipment Test #2 at JSC Delayed to October (ripple effect from previous late milestone)
July 2015 Flight spare cryo-cooler assembly to JPL for Acceptance Test #4 Deferred until December 2015, using spare as pathfinder for flight unit
Aft Deployable ISIM Radiator build complete Completed June 23, 2015
ISIM Electro-Magnetic testing complete Delayed to August because of NIRCam SCA and heat strap repair
June 2015 Attitude Control System test set delivery to Observatory Integration and Test Completed February 6, 2015
Propellant Mid-Course Correction testing complete Completed June 17, 2015
Delivery of new Vibration Test System to GSFC 75% of hardware in place, remainder in September
ISIM Acoustic testing complete Delayed to July because of NIRCam SCA and heat strap repair
Proposal Planning Subsystem Build 11 Completed April 30, 2015
Thruster Module Test Readiness Review Completed February 23, 2015
May 2015 Flight Cryocooler Compressor Assembly to JPL for Acceptance Test #3 Delay at least until July, CCA still experiencing schedule difficulties
Spacecraft Flight Software Build 2.2 Test Readiness Review Completed April 30, 2015
Sunshield Forward Cover Assembly shipped to NGAS Moved to September, reprioritizing work for efficiencies at Nexolve
Deliver Flight Aft Optics System to Telescope Pathfinder Completed April 22, 2015
Data Management Subsystem Build 4 delivery Completed March 31, 2015
April 2015 Starf acceptance testing of flight Cryocooler Assembly and Electronics Completed March 23, 2015 (CCA delayed to September 2015)
Flight Observatory Deployment Tower Assembly complete Completed March 12, 2015
ISIM Vibration Testing complete Delayed to June because of heat strap repair
Star Optical Ground Support Equipment test #1 at JSC Delayed to May
March 2015 Qualification Sunshield Membrane Retention Device thermal vacuum test start Completed March 12, 2015
Deliver Cryocooler Jitter Attenuator Assembly to Optical Telescope Element Delayed to April, ground support equipment issue
NGAS Acceptance of Spacecraft propellant tank Delayed to June due to test unit welding issue, no schedule impact
Near Infrared Instrument Detector changeouts complete Completed 4/3/2015
February 2015 Start formal Engineering Model Test Bed electrical integration Completed November 13, 2014
Sunshield Mid-boom Manufacturing Readiness Review Completed February 9, 2015
Sunshield Flight Layer 3 delivered to Northrop-Grumman (NGAS) Completed February 16, 2015
Deliver Telescope Pathfinder Structure to JSC Completed February 4, 2015
Observatory Operations Scripts Subsystem Build 4 delivery Completed January 16, 2015
Wavefront Sensing and Control Software Build 4 delivery Completed December 30, 2014
January 2015 Deliver Spacecraft Simulator handbook, Rev B (flight software build 1) to GSFC Completed December 11, 2014
JSC Chamber A Commissioning complete Completed November 27, 2014

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2014 Demonstration model Mid-Boom Assembly thermal vacuum test start Completed November 19, 2014
Transfer Telescope Pathfinder structure owndership to GSFC Completed October 31, 2014
Flight Operations Subsystem Build 1 System Design Review Completed November 20, 2014
Proposal Planning Subsystem Build 10 delivery Completed November 3, 2014
Deliver flight Cold Head Assembly to ISIM for Cryo-vacuum test #3 Completed November 10, 2014
FIne Guidance Sensor focal plane arrays ready for integration Completed December 9, 2014
November 2014 Install engineering development unity secondary mirror assembly onto Pathfinder Completed October 10, 2014
Johnson Space Center Chamber A commissioning test start Completed October 18, 2014
Data Management Subsystem software Build 3 delivery Completed September 30, 2014
October 2014 Secondary mirror structure dynamics test readiness review Completed November 20, 2014
ISIM Cryo-vacuum Test #2 complete Completed September 23, 2014
Flight and flight spare MIRI cryocooler electronics assembly delivered to JPL Completed October 6, 2014
Johnson Space Center optical ground support equipment integreation complete Completed October 10, 2014
September 2014 JSC cryogenic test telescope and ISIM test ground support equipment integration complete Completed October 9, 2014
Complete cryo-vacuum test of fully integrated ISIM ("CV2") Completed October 10, 2014 (government shutdown delay)
NIRSpec new microshutters ready for integration Completed July 14, 2014
August 2014 Sunshield Mid-boom and Stem assembly Manufacturing Readiness Review Stem assembly MRR complete, mid-boom delayed
Spacecraft Flight Software Build 2.2 Test Readiness Review Delayed to 4/30/15, 5 mo. Schedule slack to need remains.
NIRSpec and FGS/NIRISS new Focal Plane Arrays ready for integration Completed September 30, 2014 (NIRSpec), FGS (12/1/2014)
July 2014 JSC Chamber A cryogenic proof test and bake out complete Proof test completed, bake-out concluded in July, no impact to schedule
Spacecraft Mid-course correction thruster final assembly complete Delayed to January 2015, 3 months of schedule slack to need date remains
Proposal Planning Subsystem build 9 complete Completed April 30, 2014
June 2014 Flight spare MIRI cryocooler assembly delivered to JPL Completed Delayed to Dec., VM welding issue
JSC Chamber A bake-out and cryogenic proof testing complete Proof test complete, bake-out concluding in July, no schedule impact
Hardware ready for MIRI cryo cooler test #3: checkout complete Delayed to Feb 2015, due to late cryocooler assembly delivery to JPL
May 2014 Updated Observatory Commissioning Plan (rev C) delivery Completed April 28, 2014
Start acceptance testing of flight cryocooler assembly and associated electronics Delayed to January 2015 due to late cryocooler assembly
Start cryo-vacuum test with fully integrated ISIM ("CV2") Completed May 29, 2014
April 2014 Telescope actuators electronics drive unit delivery Completed April 1, 2014
Flight MIRI cryocooler assembly delivered to JPL Delayed to September, Verification Model welding issue
MIRI cryocooler flight refrigerant line deploymentassembly delivered to integration and testing Completed April 30, 2014
Sunshield membrane cover assembly manufacturing readiness review Completed April 30, 2014
MIRI cryocooler test readiness review Delayed to December, due to late cryo-cooler assembly
March 2014 Spacecraft Solar Array Manufacturing Readiness Review Completed February 21, 2014
JSC Chamber A Telescope ground support equipment test #1 design review Completed February 26, 2014
February 2014 Secondary Mirror Mount delivery Completed February 19, 2014
MIRI Cryocooler flight electronics delivered to JPL Delayed to April, resolving parts issues, no schedule impact
Final Data Management Subsystem Design Review Completed November 22, 2013
Flight NIRSpec ready for integration into ISIM Completed February 4, 2014
Flight NIRCam ready for integration into ISIM Delayed until March 8, 2014 due to harness issues and snow delays
January 2014 Delivery of last Primary Mirror Segment to GSFC Completed December 16, 2013
Observatory Operations software scripts Build 3 complete Completed January 16, 2014
New detector focal plane arrays for NIRCam ready for integration into instrument Completed November 20, 2013

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2013 Spacecraft Critical Design Review complete Completed January 16, 2014 (shutdown delay)
MIRI cryocooler flight cold head assembly delivered to ISIM Delayed to August 2014
JSC Clean Room ready to receive ground support equiment December 23, 2013
Complete ISIM cryogenic-vacuum risk reduction test Completed 11/13/13 but not all tests completed due to shutdown
November 2013 Mirror deployment electronics unit manufacturing readiness review October 8, 2013
Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) cryogenic test chamber readiness review December 19, 2013
Johnson Space Center (JSC) Telescope and ISIM support structure fabrication complete November 4, 2013
October 2013 Primary mirror backplane support structure cryogenic testing readiness review September 10, 2013
September 2013
Latest acceptable arrival of Flight Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) for inclusion in second ISIM cryogenic test September 20, 2013
Sunshield membrane cover manufacturing readiness review Deferred to December 2013, no schedule impact
Completion of studies and trades for mission mass margin in preparation of spacecraft critical design review April 11, 2013
Complete first ISIM cryogenic test Moved to October 2013 due to Harness Radiator delay
JSC thermal vacuum chamber frame that holds test equipment suspended above the JWST mirror and instruments ready for painting July 24, 2013
August 2013 Latest acceptable date of Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) into ISIM integration and test flow for inclusion in second ISIM cryogenic test Moved to September 2013 due to testing delays, slack to need date remains
BSF/ Primary mirror backplane center section integration complete August 27, 2013
July 2013 MIRI detector cooling attachment (flight Cold Head Assembly) delivered to GSFC [delayed fiscal 2012 milestone] Moved to November, technical issues, 2 months margin remains for CV2
Spacecraft flight software build 2.1 test readiness review June 28, 2013
June 2013 Spacecraft thermal control system critical design review May 15, 2013
Spacecraft wiring critical design review June 28, 2013
Rods that suspend telescope and instruments from ceiling of JSC thermal vacuum chamber for testing complete May 21, 2013
Start first ISIM cryogenic test (risk reduction activity) Moved to August 2013 - delayed by Harness Radiator delivery
May 2013 Telescope primary mirror backplane support fixture (BSF) assembly complete (holds ISIM, primary mirror and spacecraft together for launch) May 6, 2013
April 2013 Sunshield Template Membrane Layer #2 fabrication complete April 13, 2013
Spacecraft-to-ground communications subsystem critical design review March 12, 2013
Software build v 1.1 for the system that senses and controls Webb's active mirrors February 13, 2013
March 2013 Deliver last primary mirror actuator motor electronics unit (Cryo Multiplex Unit) Units completed, ship date is 4/26

Spacecraft fine sun sensor critical design review

Completed January 15, 2013
Space Vehicle Thermal Simulator systems requirements review Completed January 23, 2013
Complete FGS & MIRI integration onto ISIM FGS installed in March, MIRI installed 4/29 to accommodate MIRI thermal shield delay
February 2013 Secondary Mirror Support Structure I&T tooling fixture complete February 27, 2013
Primary mirror backplane support wing assemblies complete February 19, 2013
Spacecraft Primary Structure Manufacturing Readiness Review January 28, 2013
Start cryogenic certification test of OSIM Moved to March 2013 - delayed by Global Precipitation Monitor exit from SES chamber
January 2013
Aft optical system complete January 10, 2013
Receive JWST carrier container to be used in moving the observatory to testing and launch sites November 16, 2012
System design review of the software employed in managing all the data returned from the spacecraft to the operations center December 6, 2012
Deliver MIRI cover/thermal shield to ISIM integration and test (I&T) Dynamics and Thermal issue have delayed delivery to March, Two weeks of schedule margin still exists to need date

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2012 First engineering model of the spacecraft command and telemetry computer delivered to test bed November 8, 2012
Reinstall beam image analyzer onto telescope simulator (OSIM) used in ISIM cryogenic testing December 19, 2012
Complete electrical checkout of combined fine guidance sensor (FGS) and ISIM December 20, 2012
November 2012 Spacecraft-to-Optical Telescope Element/science instruments stray light and thermal barrier structures preliminary design review October 18, 2012
Port side spacecraft equipment panel design review (Northrop internal review) October 4, 2012
Complete electrical checkout of combined mid-infrared instrument (MIRI) and integrated science instrument module (ISIM) November 19, 2012. 2 days of testing required in Jan. due to FSW bug (divide by zero)
October 2012 Headquarters delivery to project of funding plan for fiscal 2013 September 15, 2012
Spacecraft batteries preliminary design review September 6, 2012
Spacecraft command & telemetry computer review (Northrop internal review) August 30, 2012
Second review of optical test equipment for Johnson Space Center (JSC) thermal vacuum chamber test of telescope and instruments (OTIS) October 17, 2012
September 2012 Deliver NIRCam Moved to no earlier than 12/2012, work around in place
Delivery no later than August 2013
Start testing of cryogenic camera system, used for subsequent JSC I&T August 9, 2012
Complete center section of Backplane Support Structure for main mirror April 28, 2012
Deliver NIRSpec Delivery date April 2013
Delivery no later than September 2013
August 2012 Order remaining JSC thermal vacuum chamber vibration isolators August 9, 2012
July 2012 Deliver Flight Fine Guidance Sensor July 30, 2012
Deliver flight software to ISIM Integration and Testing ("ISIM I & T") May 11, 2012
Complete Solar array Preliminary Design Audit June 14, 2012
Deliver MIRI Cryo Cooler "Cold Head Assembly" (critical component of MIRI cooling) to ISIM I&T Flight CHA to be delivered in June 2013. No schedule, impact, work around in place.
Complete fabrication of end fitting for Secondary Mirror Support Structure July 13, 2012
June 2012 Complete modifications of the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVC). June 30, 2012
Complete Critical Design Review for telescope-ground communications system. June 13, 2012
Complete designs for structures that will hold telescope inside JSC TVC June 21, 2012
Complete Preliminary Design Review for equipment that tests Sunshield deployment. June 28, 2012
May 2012 Finish testing the COCOA March 9, 2012
Measure Sunshield template layer 5 shape to confirm its accuracy April 23, 2012
Conduct budget and schedule review of replanned program and project performance May 30, 2012
April 2012 Complete all composite parts for mechanism that lifts telescope away from spacecraft after launch (Deployable Tower Assembly) February 28, 2012, completed two months early
Receive MIRI from Europe (extra vibration test delay) May 29, 2012
March 2012 Deliver ISIM computer #2 to ISIM integration and testing. (Single synchronous dynamic random access memory chip failure during computer thermal vacuum testing. Chip is being replaced and computer retested. ) May 15, 2012
Complete analysis of JSC Thermal Vacuum Chamber telescope testing equipment plans March 19, 2012
System Engineering Team to complete assessment of instrument thermal margins March 1, 2012
Delivery of 2nd ISIM computer to Integration and Test May 16, 2012
February 2012 Install Helium shroud walls at JSC Thermal Vacuum Chamber February 2, 2012, (all panels, walls, floor, ceiling, door)
Complete assembly and initial testing of main mirrors at Marshall Space Flight Center December 19, 2011, Completed two months early
January 2012 Conduct Critical Design Review for Spacecraft-to-Optical Telescope Element vibration isolation system December 15, 2011, Completed one month early
Finish building Center of Curvature Optical Assembly ("COCOA") for testing primary mirror in JSC TVC January 19, 2012
Review preliminary requirements for ground structure for spacecraft equipment panels December 1, 2011, Completed one month early
Complete Aft Optic System integration and alignment December 2, 2011, Completed one month early

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2011 Install Helium shroud floor at Johnson Space Center thermal vacuum chamber ("JSC TVC") October 27, 2011 Completed two months early
Determine root cause of NIRSpec optical bench flaw December 15, 2011
November 2011 Complete electronics simulator model for Integrated Science Instrument Module ("ISIM") November 15, 2011
Deliver tools for software development environment and verification October, 27, 2011 Completed one month early
October 2011 Begin construction of 140,000-lb robotic facility to build segmented main mirror at GSFC October 4, 2011
September 2011 Deliver Flight ISIM Electronics Compartment to ISIM Integration & Test August 2012
Deliver flight ISIM Command & Data Handling unit #1 to ISIM Integration & Test September 27, 2011
August 2011 Spacecraft Flight Software Build 1 Technical Readiness Review June 30, 2011, Completed two months early
July 2011 Deliver ISIM Region 1 Wiring Harnesses July 22, 2011
Deliver ISIM Structure to ISIM Integration & Test July 28, 2011
June 2011 Complete Common Command & Telemetry System Build 2.3 April 13, 2011, Completed two months early
Start ISIM level Integration & Tes June 24, 2011
May 2011 Start flight Fine Guidance Sensor environmental testing (instrument level) May 5, 2011
Complete Spacecraft Secondary Mirror Segment Cone Structure internal Design Review April 20, 2011 Completed one month early
April 2011 Pathfinder Primary Mirror Segment Assemblies complete April 25, 2011
Deliver ISIM Command & Data Handling test unit to ISIM Integration & Test April 22, 2011
Complete 2018 Launch Readiness Date project lead Joint cost & schedule Confidence Limit (JCL) April 28, 2011
March 2011 Complete flight ISIM Remote Services Unit Thermal Vacuum testing February 19, 2011, Completed one month early
Deliver Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) test unit electronics to ISIM Integration & Test February 24, 2011, Completed one month early
Complete 2018 Launch Readiness Date budget details April 7, Completed one week late
February 2011 Deliver Near-Infrared Spectrograph flight spare detector to GSFC January 29, 2011, Completed one month early
Pathfinder Primary Mirror Backplane Support Structure delivered to Northrop-Grumman Aerospace Sys March 25, 2011, Completed one month late (weather conditions affected shipping)
Establish No-Earlier-Than Launch Readiness Date as part of replan February 25, 2011
Establish Work Breakdown Structure for new GSFC responsibilities February 28, 2011
January 2011 Ship Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) Focal Plane Electronics to ESA (Rutherford Appleton Lab.) January 20, 2011
Ball's Flight Actuator Drive Unit Software Test Review January 24, 2011