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Recent Accomplishments

Updated: June 5, 2019

Webb Spacecraft

Zoom in to see the Webb's subsystems (image credit: STSci) or launch the Webb 3d Model for more detail.

The following tables contain a record of program and project accomplishments. The date column colors indicate the following:

The list will be updated approximately every month.

The image to the right points out various major hardware components of the observatory referred to in the tables to orient the reader (click '+' to expand). You can also explore the spacecraft in more detail with the Webb Interactive 3d Model (requires Flash plugin).

Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
May 2019 No Milestones Planned for May.
April 2019 Open thermal vacuum chamber door following testing Completed 5/19/19 (Feature Story)
Conduct Wavefront Sensing rehearsal #3 at the MOC Completed 04/12/19
March 2019 Begin Spacecraft Element thermal vacuum test Completed 4/7/19
Deliver the flight version of launch vehicle coupled loads analysis #2 Observatory Model Completed 5/7/2019
February 2019 Deliver final results for SCE environmental testing Completed 4/5/2019
Conduct Early Commissioning Exercise #2 at the MOC Completed 03/06/19 (Government shutdown delay)
January 2019 Conduct a SCE Comprehensive System Test in preparation for thermal vacuum testing Completed 09/26/18
Due Date Item Accomplished Completion Date
December 2018 Conduct Science Operations rehearsal #4 at the MOC Completed 12/21/18
Begin Spacecraft Element vibration testing Completed 11/15/18
Complete the validation of science payload software Completed 10/27/18
November 2018 Complete Spacecraft Element Acoustic Test Completed 10/28/18
Deliver Observatory Science and Operations software build Completed 10/19/18
October 2018 Conduct Wavefront Sensing rehearsal #2 at the Missions Operations Center (MOC) Completed 10/6/18
Stow the sunshield into launch position following repairs of the membrane covers Completed 9/28/18
Spacecraft Element (SCE) ready for resumption of environmental testing following MCA repairs Completed 10/19/18
September 2018 Complete integration of the Telescope onto the Spacecraft Element Replanned to 09/2019
August 2018 Complete Telescope delivery to Northrop Grumman Replanned to 08/2019
Conduct Integrated Team Exercise #1 Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
Cycle 1 General Observers proposal selection Replanned to 07/2019
Deliver Spacecraft Element to Observatory Integration and Test Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
July 2018 Complete Ground Segment test #2 Completed 7/25/18
Retension sunshield after thermal vacuum testing of the Spacecraft Element Replanned to 06/2019
Conduct Spacecraft Element Compliance Review, part 1 Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
Complete Johnson Space Center (JSC) Chamber A decommissioning Completed 6/14/18
June 2018 Launch Readiness Exercise #1 Alternate milestone selected for 2019 ( * )
Deliver final version of the spacecraft handbook to NASA Completed 5/9/18
May 2018 Begin Spacecraft Element thermal vacuum test Replanned to 04/2019
Deliver analysis of launch effects on JWST Observatory Replanned to 03/2019
April 2018 Deliver results from Spacecraft Element acoustic and vibration tests Replanned to 02/2019
Complete post shipment functional testing of the Telescope Replanned to 01/2019
March 2018 Complete Spacecraft Element vibration test Replanned to 11/2018
Spacecraft thrusters modules ready for installation Completed 2/19/18
Ship telescope from NASA/JSC to Northrop-Grumman Completed 2/2/18
February 2018 Complete Spacecraft Element (combined spacecraft and sunshield) Acoustic Test Started 3/25/2018
Conduct Observatory Deployment Review #3 Completed 1/31/18
January 2018 Complete Wavefront Sensing & Control commissioning exercise Completed 3/10/2018
Install spacecraft horizontal radiator panels Completed 1/3/18