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2010 Robert H. Goddard Awards for Science

Congratulations to Matt Greenhouse, Randy Kimble and Alexander Moiseev for winning the 2010 Robert H Goddard Awards for Science!

Matt Greenhouse - for his excellent leadership of the JWST instrument teams. Matt provides scientific oversight for the Center's contributions to JWST in the area of analysis and testing of detectors and microshutters. He also provides leadership to JWST instrument teams from around the world (U of Arizona, Canada, ESA, Scotland, JPL) to ensure that instrument problems are solved and scientific requirements are met.

Randy Kimble - For exceptional achievement in the development of the Wide Field Camera 3 for the Hubble Space Telescope. The performance of the camera in-orbit is remarkable, fully meeting or exceeding expections. In fact, the NIR camera is more than 40 times more efficient than NICMOS. Randy played a leading role in making sure that high QE NIR detectors were included in WFC3, as well as overall leadership of the instrument development.

Alexander Moiseev - for development of analysis methods to measure high-energy electrons with the Fermi LAT instrument. This led to the unexpected observations that the spectrum of very high energy electrons is much flatter than expected by conventional models of electron production and diffusion in the Galaxy. The resulting paper in Phys Rev Letters is the most widely cited Fermi paper to date.