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What's Next

Updated Feb 7, 2017
Vibration Test Status Update

Future Milestones:
JWST Spacecraft

Zoom in to see JWST's subsystems (image credit: STSci) or Launch the JWST 3d Model for more detail.

The following tables contain information on upcoming milestones for JWST.

The image to the right points out various major hardware components of the observatory referred to in the tables to orient the reader (click '+' to expand). You can also explore the spacecraft in more detail with the JWST Interactive 3d Model (requires Flash plugin).

Timeframe Milestone Location
2017 Spring 2017: Ship Telescope &Instruments from Goddard to NASA's Johnson Space Center. GSFC->JSC
Fall 2017:Testing of Telescope ( info ) and Instruments ( images | info ) Complete. JSC
Fall 2017:Sunshield ( images | info ) and Spacecraft I&T Complete . NGAS

Timeframe Milestone Location
2018 Integration of Telescope ( info ) and Instruments ( images | info ) to Sunshield ( images | info ) and Spacecraft NGAS
Testing of Full Observatory NGAS
Launch French Guiana